[Q] How do i contact you?

[A] -Going to my twitter is the best bet. I can't promise a reaction however! Sometimes in a shy mood where i won't respond to anything for a while. Other times i'm feeling very social!

[Q] Why aren't you responding to my messages?

[A] -It's probably nothing personal. I either haven't seen your message yet or i'm not feeling chatty. Best thing to do is to be patient. (so don't spam me messages that will scare me off.)

[Q] Whats your favorite color?

[A] -There are many good colors! But pink will be my favorite, specifically pastel pink!

[Q] Why pink?

[A] -I don't know. It just feels friendly and happy i think.

[Q] Are these actually frequently asked questions?

[A] -No

[Q] What software do you use to create your things with?

[A] -Depends on the task at hand. For art i usually go with SAI but photoshop might be the better option if i want more realistic and detailed works or i use Paint.net if i create pixelart. When it comes to programming it really depends on the language and project i do. For some games i use Godot for others Eclipse and then for websites PHPstorm or regular old notepad.

[Q] Whats the drawing hardware you use?

[A] -I use either traditional supplies like a pencil or brush or i'm working digitally using my Wacom comic! I bought it in 2016 for around 100 euros and it still does a really good job!

[Q] Any tips for a new artist?

[A] -In my experience it's very important that you draw for yourself and that you have fun doing it. Avoid drawing for money or clout. I went that route a couple of years ago and it only hurt myself and those around me. not a good time. Another piece of advice i can give is that you might not like your drawings but your favorite artist most likely won't like their drawings either. It's a helpfull trait if not an annoying one. If you ever feel down about your art skills think about that comic with the 2 cakes where the baker of the smaller cake says "aww my cake isnt as good as the other one" and then the bystander will say "oh boy two cakes!".

[Q] Are you a furry?

[A] -I like drawing animals and animal people. But i wouldnt call myself one.

[Q] Where can i find all of your art?

[A] -Over the years i have created and posted many drawings, comics and paintings. I have chosen to leave the posting mostly behind but decided to leave the galleries up online! If you know how to search you can probably find it all back. These days however i sometimes post my drawings over on twitter.