Where are all the games?

Interlinked is a game about survival, exploration and making pretty bases! Alone or with your friends. And running away from a skeleton or something.
Check out the games page HERE
Crypt slayer | Tombs of the damned

Crypt Slayer | Tombs of the damned is my final game of 2020. You are a pale zumi sent on a mission to defeat evil cultists. The game can be downloaded for Windows and Linux HERE

Ribbiton is a simple short dungeon crawler made for the 46st Ludum Dare competition, The game was created in 16 hours of actual development time completely from scratch! The game can be downloaded for Windows and Linux HERE

MineCat was a collaboration project with me and Sven. We used 2 game jam themes to make the game. I was the one to create all the visuals! The game can be played/downloaded HERE

DREAD was my very first 3D game! You play as Barry Bear and it's your mission to defeat the robot cult. This small shooter took over 3 months to make and released on March 17, 2020. The game can be downloaded for Windows HERE

Palm was my first real programming project. Made all the way back in 2015 i decided to mod this small game Notch made called Minicraft. With some help of one of my friends, Sven. We made this mod. The game can be downloaded HERE
Zumi Dungeon crawler

This was my final project done in 001. I never fully finished it and it took me over a year to have what i can show you today. The game was supposed to be a runescape like rpg game but eventually i switched to what you can play now. I never finished it because 001 limited me too much for what i wanted to do. So i wrapped it up in this downloadable package early 2020. The game can be downloaded HERE

Zomb was my very very first game. Made back in 2014 the game was made using the 001 engine and the goal is to survive for as long as possible. There are many more maps and even a sequel out! The original game has been lost over the years only to be somewhere on a disc buried in the attic. The sequel however! (which is better while nearly identical) can be downloaded HERE
The adventures of Jeffry Skelieton and the fortress of despair

A fun little game i made in 2014 where you play as a skeleton and have to defeat the skeleton of DOOM. The game can be downloaded HERE

Bland unlike DREAD could be considered my first 3D game but i don't feel like i can call this a game. Bland was supposed to be a car game that later changed into a walking simulator, unfortunatly. I lost all the data and this funny enough i came across today so i decided to add this relic to the website! It's made using Blender's now defunct game engine. The "game" can be downloaded HERE

A fun small game i made in 2014 using 001. Your goal is to escape the spaceship! Find the keycard while navigating a weird mazelike ship. The game can be downloaded HERE
The chase

Another 2014 game made with 001. Your goal here is to get 50 money symbols while sliding around the city in your car. But don't let the police catch you! The game can be downloaded HERE
Fantasy Life

And yet another 001 game made in 2014! (i sure was excited creating games back then) I honestly don't remember this game like, at all! But i tested it and it seems to work fine still? You can change your pants color and you can walk around town. Maybe you can do more i don't remember! The game can be downloaded HERE