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September 25, 2020

I have a blog now!
Click the blog hyperlink above or the button for blog on the left!
I post comics, doodles and ramble a little bit about things on there from time to time.
Do check it out!
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So no checking the blog out everyday to see new content either!

Hi there! I'm Tombo or Tom for short. I'm a programmer, artist and a fan of all things retro! Welcome to my personal website that can be used as a hub of sorts to search the things i do. As you can tell this site looks pretty old. That's because this place is made on a windows95 machine writen entirely in notepad and tested using Netscape! As such this place is completely viewable on your old machine (if you have internet on it that is). Recommended resolution is to have 800x600 or higher for optimal viewing pleasure. Games that are playable in the browser over at the games section might not work for you because it needs HTML5. But theres a download link available for all so you can play it offline. (games might be too new to run on old hardware). But if games aren't your thing you can always go to the gallery where i have some of my finest works published with the compressed quallity the 90's bring with it. For that real nostalgic feeling~ Lastly if you need to contact me or want to know where else i dwell online. The links section is there for you. And that's all for now! Happy browsing :)

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I'm more of a tea man, though.

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