About the game

Interlinked is a game about survival, exploration and making pretty bases! Alone or with your friends. And running away from a skeleton or something.
The game is currently in pre alpha and we hope to have survival mode ready and playable around halloween.
Currently you can download our singleplayer DEMO on the right side by the imp. Once we hit the next update the game will be available from 5 to 10 euros over at Itch.io

Development, philosophy and the future

We have few plans and visions of the game. We mostly want the game to be fun and accessible for everyone.
We don't have a fancy design document and kinda keep track of everything inside a discord server. If something is not fun we will most likely change it or remove it depending on what it is.

For the future when we think the main game is finished with all the basic features we want we will most likely keep updating it. Since it is a hobby project for us.
I wouldnt call the game an early access title but more like Dwarf Fortress where it just gets more and more content over time if we feel like working on it.


It started with Sven and I wanting to make another game together. After a night of pool and having a few beers we sat down on a parkbench on the way home and decided to create a survival multiplayer game!
The very next day we started development and the rest is, well. You can see and play here!
Development started in August of 2020. Game being made by Sven Arends and me!

Consider supporting Sven too! His Website!

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